Studio Session 001, 2015

filmed by : White Wu

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Cloudborn 雲生 (remixed by Yearning Kru)

Cloudborn 雲生 (remixed by Yearning Kru)

This is what happens when all analog meets all digital, our first collaboration with Yearning Kru. Yearning Kru is one of most underground, unique computer sound artist nowadays, from UK to Taiwan, now relocated in Korea, he’s album has been on WIRE’s year end list!

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New album “Lost Ethnography of the Miscanthus Ocean” out on Guruguru brain!

Our new album pre-order is start on today! 

“Lost Ethnography of the Miscanthus Ocean” is released by Guruguru brain, check their site for more information!






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Handmade CD vol. 3 – Japan Tour Limited CDr is ready!


Handprint cover & number, pin and sticker included, limited to 50 copies! 50+ minutes long.


Tracklist :
1. 芒神
2. Live session recording

芒神 / Silvergrass Gods / バン シン(発音)

芒神とは、古代中国において森や草を見守り管理する正式な位を意味するものであった。 だが歳月が経つにつれ、「芒神」は「自然に住む精霊たち」という意味へと変化した。 さらにこの言葉が4世紀前に台湾に伝わったとき、土地が変わればその言葉も変わるように、芒神の呼び方や意味も様々に変貌した。その中でも最もよく知られているのが「魔神」(モ シン アッ)である。


translated by Tomoyuki Katsurada

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2014 Japan tour dates announced!!

From 9/13 to 9/15 we will be touring with Dreamtime (Heavy psych band from Brisbane, Australia), ROLLFAST (Psychedelic rock band from Bali, Indonesia) and other awesome Japanese Bands.

check  TOKYO PSYCH FEST & Guruguru Brain for more information.



AND 9/19 we will play in Fukui, check the nice poster as well!



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New T-shirts out soon!

 Will be sale on our upcoming gigs!



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